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Each day we as a human whole are becoming more and more polluted. As a result of advancement in technology and convenience, we are shooting ourselves in the foot at the same time. The more electronic devices that are used each day the more we are exposed to harmful DOR or negative EMF energy. It is not only the technology itself, the power that gives the electronic devices that we all worship and adore so dearly is creating negative DOR harmful energy. It is starting to infect our lives like a virus, spreading around at such a rapid rate that it is becoming apart of the norm. It is time to take notice that all this technology is actually, physically and realistically doing harm to us all. There is good news that there are things you can do to help you and the people you love against the harm of beneficial technology.

Place a piece of orgonite between you and your computer, T.V, Microwave or on you

The electro magnetic waves of harmful DOR energy will be attracted to the metal in the orgonite, the copper coil directs the energy inwards into the orgonite. The Black Tourmaline grounds this energy and the Amethyst Quartz encased in the resin creates a piezoelectric effect giving off positive "Orgone energy. These three along with the cell phone are the most common and effect everyone. Another great way of warding off the negative effects of bad energy that can also come from direct interaction between people with bad, negative or draining energy is to carry the piece of orgonite around with you. Keep it in your pocket when dealing with draining people that you have to work around or be near not necessarily by choice. This will give you a very powerful protective shield against energy suckers. This is especially important for people that are working in direct contact with various types of people. Carry around a piece of Orgonite around is perfect for and in my opinion a absolute need for Massage therapists, Energy Healers, Nurses, Chiropractors, Therapists, Teachers, office workers. Sensitive people are in more of a need than denser less receptive people.

Orgonite is great for having in every place that you spend allot of time in, Your home, office and car are going to be the most common. Having a piece of orgonite near you as much as possible will keep your aura and energy field that surrounds every human on earth. every time your body or energy field is attacked by harmful DOR energy, you are weakened, drained and less calm collected and at ease. It is very important for your personal peace and vitality that your energy field is guarded against the onslaught of negative energy coming from technology or people with bad intentions or energy. More and more people are living on this earth each day, so the chances of your personal protective shield being attacked is greater and greater each day. Orgonite is a very powerful protective shield against attacks from your environment.

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