Orgonite EMF Protection Devices

Orgonite Turns Negative Energy from Cell Phones-Cell Towers-Smart Meters-Wireless Routers-Electronic Devices and turns it into Positive Healing "Orgone" "Qi-Chi" Energy

$52 Made from Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Copper Brass, Aluminum and Iron. Use the power of the Pyramid to create a Harmonious vibe anyplace it is near.

Base is 3.5" height is 2.75"

Orgonite Sphere Healing Energy EMF Protection


2" Diameter

Chakra Cone Large


3.75" Height-4.75" Base width

Crystals- Terminated Quartz "Crown" Chakra- Flourite 'Third Eye" Chakra- Blue Calcite "Throat" Chakra- Aventurine "Heart" Chakra- Citrine "Solar Plexus" Chakra- Carnelian- "Base" Chakra- Garnet "Root" Chakra- Black Tourmalina "Root"

Metals- Brass, Aluminum and Iron

Orgone generating Large Orgonite Cone


Base diameter 4.75" Height 3.5"

Made with Amethyst Quartz, Beach Quartz Black Tourmaline, Steel Magnetic shavings, Copper coil, Brass and Copper Shavings

This Large Cone, is designed to generate positive energy "Orgone" filtering out negative energy and turn it into positive. The copper coil and metal attracts negative electromagnetic frequencies EMF for short. The encased and crystals that are bonded in the resin activate and accelerate the natural properties of the crystals to filter out and absorb the negative effects of EMF waves. Always Hand made, crystals are cleared with Pacific ocean water under the moonlight and cleared with Palo Santo wood for blessings and guidance.

Tuned to 528 Hz | Miracle Tone: Harmonic Fibonacci Spiral Pulsing at the Rate of Pi to send out positive healing vibes all day long

Powerful pocket sized Orgonite Black


Made from Amethyst Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Shungite and Iron shavings

Carry this in your pocket for powerful personal protection against negative people and EMF radiation. Place near Smart Meters outside your home, place under power lines. The Iron shavings attract the EMF waves and the Amethyst Quartz Crystal, Shungite and Black Tourmaline encased in the resin creates a Pizoelectric effect, which filters out the negative emf waves and turns it into positive Orgone, Chi, Life Force Energy. Protect the area you live in all day long by simply placing near sources of EMF radiation.

Tuned to 528 Hz | Miracle Tone: Harmonic Fibonacci Spiral Pulsing at the Rate of Pi

TB'S Tower Busters EMF Protection for around your Home


Personal EMF Protection Pendants

More Energy, Boosted Vitality and Better Health

Iyashi quantum scalar pendants are the new generation of scalar pendants. Using new fusion technology they are made of a combination of tourmaline, and other crystal ceramics which provide superior negative ions, far-infrared and a full spectrum of subtle healing energies

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Acupuncture Patches ------Self Healing-----
shielditecellcircle_MED CellPhone EMF Protection
shielditecellcircle_MED CellPhone EMF Protection

Shieldite Cellphone EMF Protection


Ionizing Healing wand. [Promotes fast healing


Shieldite EMF Protection

biodisk_MED Chakra Stone
biodisk_MED Chakra Stone

Food and water Ionizing Chakta Stone

Ionizing Technology