How to help stop Terrorism......One person at a time

Terrorism and the attachment we all have to it, is partly your fault. Very very very minutely and inadvertently you are helping create this state of terrorism.

What, are you insane? I love everyone and wish all beings on Earth, Peace, Love and Happiness. Your a nutcase. Get out of here.

Terrorism and the Evil ones who are behind it (cabal, Iluminati, NWO) are master vampires, leaches and Energy thieves. They feed off anger, Jealousy, rage, hatred. All the bad emotions and thoughts they eat it like Crack Candy, just cant get enough of it. Yum Yum.

When you become angry at the terrorists you're feeding into the whole program. Your actually making it more powerful and worse. It's a game of Consciousness and they currently are winning. When you watch the news and are outraged, get upset and post all about if on Social websites your helping promote terrorism.

Its a game that is hard to remain calm in but you need to remember that it is a game to "Them" and "Them" is you and the Cabal are all the same. The only and only way that you can help stop terrorism is to stop feeding the monster. You feed the monster by posting about it on Social media. By getting angry at them.

The best and most productive thing that you can do if you want to stop the cabal, NWO "Terrorists" is to stop giving them your Energy.

It's a lifelong process, your developing your consciousness to not be apart of the game. Its as easy as changing the channel on the T.V but the channel is in your mind.

Begin each day preferably by sitting in silent isolation and Meditate. At first your thoughts will be a Hurricane, then they will become a storm then a breeze then eventually a calm and pleasant wind. Refreshing and invigorating. Each day is a chance to help stop Global terrorism. One person at a time, collectively. Don't worry about what others are doing or saying. You are only responsible for yourself.

Each time you Meditate on Loving caring and peaceful thoughts. You are doing the most you can as a regular person, to help stop terrorism and make the world a better place.

Meditate each day. Meditate each day. Meditate everyday. Meditate for peace. Meditate for Happiness. Meditate for joy and abundance. Meditate to stop terrorism. Meditate to create a better world.

Be more happy and let negative thoughts and actions fly away like a leaf in the wind.

Each day little by little by working on yourself, meditating your doing the best possible thing to stop terrorism. Begin today and do it just because. Without any attachment to achieving anything. Do it just because its good for you and that's it.


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