Pyramids Contain Amazing Healing Power

Pyramids have been known for centuries to Heal, Restore, Balance and Harmonize all livings things that are inside it. The healing abilities come from its use of Sacred Geometry and following the Fibonacci Series of numbers. The Golden Mean the Golden ratio are seen in almost every single aspect of nature. From the Pinecone to the Sunflower seed and Nautilus shell. All are in perfect balance and symmetry to each other. They all follow the sequence of numbers starting at 1 then adding the two together to get the third and continuing the sequence until infinity. 1+1=2 2+1=3 3+2=5 5+3=8 8+5=13 continuing on until infinity. Just like the number Pi 1.6180339887 this number keeps going until infinity.

Orgonite Pyramid EMF Protection. Healing, Harmonizing \"Orgone\" Energy

The numbers are important to know only that they are always expanding and going on and on and on they never stop. The Pyramids use this Golden Ratio in the Lengths widths and height of the Pyramid to give it not only its structural integrity and appearance, but that they have the ability to capture the ever expanding Energy that is present in the Ionosphere surrounding the Earth. The shape and Geometry of the Pyramid is what gives it such wonderful and powerful healing powers.

When Crystals are placed inside the shape of the Pyramid it accelerates the Healing properties of the Crystals due to the shape of the Pyramid back to Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio.

The Pyramids were geniously designed by Extra Terrestrials to harness and capture the free flowing Energy that surrounds the Planet and all things on it.

The shape is what gives it its Healing properties due to its Geometry. Designed by Extra Terrestrials to give amazing amounts of Energy.

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