How to Shield and protect your Energy Field

We are energetic beings, energy flows through us and comes out wheather we are aware of it or not. Energy is the force of life that you give to this world. It is how you physically feel and is directly related to the thoughts, emotions and feelings that you carry around with you each day. Whether you are aware of it or not it does exist.

The following video gives you a great visualazation to shield and protect your energy from the dark forces of this world. Energy vampires, toxic people, stress and other negative situations.

In order to stay sane, healthy and positive to this world, Shielding and protecting your energy field is very important. Yagaasana or the physical yoga postures, Tai Chi, Qi-gong and all other forms of self healing practices are tremendously powerful. And should be done daily. They all build and develop your energetic vibration. Practicing a shielding technique is very essential to maintianing your energetic field at its most optimal level.

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