Anger Fear and Hatred are food for the Demonic Soul.... How to stop feeding it

Everytime you get angry at a terrorist attack, everytime you hate on Someone or a group of people you actually helping them by hating them.

The only real way to stop terroism and stop the negative entities is to never give them the food they need. This is a tricky and tough situation for many. Our first reaction to seeing a mass shooting or bombing or 9/11 type of terror attack is outrage, hated and anger.

If you react to this with outrage and disqust then you are feeding what the terrist want. They want your hatred fear and anger. They need it, they love it. It's what they truly want.

The only way to stop this is by learning to control these emotions. Learn how to not react negatively in these situations. Learn to see the positive in it, knowing that it's a part of the universe. We must have bad to get good. It's the way it is.

Our reality is a dance between polarities. Light and dark, Yin and Yang, Positive and negative, Inhale and exhale. Without the opposite nothing would exist. The challenge is to use the neative to feed and strengthen the positive. Most of us use the postive to feed the negative, we do this but dont have awareness we are doing it. Find joy in the terror because if you find anger, hatred and fear the terrorists win.

How to find Joy and happiness in the face of terror and hatred is through developing your Awareness and Consciousness muscles. This really can be done in one way. That way is through daily meditation. Daily commitment to dissolving fear, anger , hatred and sadness through meditation. Sitting lying or moving meditation. Everyone will be at different levels and paces so choose which is best for you.

Below is a guided meditation to help dissolve anger that lives withing you and how to keep it out of your body. Namsate and enjoy your life through the ups and downs. Its all a process so take it as it comes with no attachment to any particular achievment or outcome. Namaste "E"

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