Amethyst- Physical, Mental, Emotional Healing

Amethyst is a Quartz Purple in color which vibrates at the same frequency as the Third Eye or Brow Chakra

Is used to Balance and protect against phychic attacks and helps to keep negative thoughts and emotions from prevailing within your being. Amethyst is best used to help assist in opening up the Pineal Gland or the "Third Eye" also called the 6th or Brow Chakra energy center in the middle of your forhead.

Amethyst helps to reduce the instict driven desires and addictions. Helps to cleanse and purify ones thoughts to rid the emotional attachment that addictions hold over people. The Sobriety stone that cleans and rids the body from the need for canstant stimulation that drugs, alchohol hold in peoples nervous systems.

Amethyst is an all around Healing and powerful Stone used to cleanse and purify the Mental, Emotional and Physical for a balanced, pure and protected energy.

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