Meditation is finding the Beauty in Being Alone

Meditation is about finding the Beauty of being alone. Being alone is not the fearful state that many falsely belive it to be. Meditation is about finding that peace and comfort in being alone. Once you realize that being alone is the whole point of life then your search for someone or something is over and you can enjoy each moment. We are all born alone live alone and die alone.

Meditation gives you the strength to awaken the beauty that lies within, that you and you alone can find for yourself. Once you find this and awaken it within you can spread it to others by your energy, and comfort in knowing that you are happy alone or with others.

It's a very important part of personal and spiritual growth. YOU MUST DO THE WORK. Without finding the peace in being alone, you will run from person to person, group to group and thing to thing ending up empty and unfulfilled. Through meditation you will find the peacce in togetherness of being alone, this is the bliss you seek.

Practice to whatever capacty you are at each day 5-10 mintues or 60-90 minutes in a sacred space is optimal and time of day helps to establish a routine for success.


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