Justice is found within your Heart. Love transcends all boundaries

What is Justice? And who holds the police accountable?

Justice is forgiveness within your own heart. We as individuals and society hold the police accountable. But to whom? And to what? The answer is to ourselves as individuals.

It is our duty as sovreign humans living as one collective societal unit to love each other, through difficult and taxing times and in peaceful ones. We create the peace and the disharmony with our thoughts. When we allow hatred, anger and division to separate and distance each other then the destructive part of society thrives.

Police respond to energy emitted outwards from the individual, if that energy is hatful that energy is returned back, that is what humans do. They react to the stimulas that is sent to them. Police officers have taken on the difficult task of dealing with negative energy that is emmited from individuals. Most police officers just like housewives, teachers, executives and janitors; can only take so much before they snap.

The scary part of police snapping is that they have the ability to kill and get away with it because of the judical system. So it is your resposibility as sovreign humans to love the police and send them good vibes.

This is the only way to stop police brutality. Be nice to them and Love them. They have taken on the difficult task of protecting and serving the citizens and they are the ones that we seek protection from. Just like any job, person or profession, there are good ones bad ones.

But that does not matter. Because it is your job to love everyone regardless of actions or reactions that they take.

Justice is within your heart, and justice has another name, it's called forgiveness. Hate will not get rid of hate. Anger will not dissolve tension. Judgement and outrage will not bring unity.

Only Love and foregivness can bring this. The best way to get the state of affairs into Love is by bringing your "state of affairs" into the higher frequency of Love/Joy and forgiveness.

racticing daily meditation and mindfullness to slowly dissolve the thoughts of hatred and outrage and simpy just let them go. This is the way to bring justce into your world. Once you find it within yourself it spreads to others.


This is the only way to live in peace.

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