Your Vote is Worthless...Your Energy is what matters vote with your Energy

With this fiasco of a presidential race going on, its solid proof that the elections are rigged and the system is higHly corrupt. We are seeing this turn into a laughing stock, a joke for the people that are running things from behind the scenes.

"The Shadow Government" "The Cabal" "The Illuminati" "The Bansksters"

They have been running the show for a very long time, becasue they have learned how to harness peoples energy for there own use. They operate on division and separation. They operate or desparation and scarcity. Fear, Fear, Fear. Anger, Hatred, Us vs them is how we have arrved in the current state of the world. That's because we have willfully given our energy to those that want nothing other than control and anxiety amongst the general populace worldwide.

I have seen this presidentail race go really odd. Bizare actually, "They" are having a laugh at the gullibility of the people and are shoving it in our faces.

One of the positive things that comes from this campaign is that from Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has the correct attitude and inspiration for the people.

his is Unity and togetherness. Bernie Sanders has ignited a flame for the common people. We as a group have a great deal of work that needs to be done to transform the way our world operates.

It begins with your energy. It begins with your thoughts. The Revolution, the Human revolution beGins when you allow Joy-Peace-Love TO BE THE GUIDING ACTION BEHIND ALL YOUR THOUGHTS.

Bernie Sanders Revolution is just begining, his call to action is for all of us to join together as individuals to stop the separtism and division that has plaqued us.

War after war, conflict after conflict. Economic ups and downs are directly related to the Energy that we allow ourselves to operate under. Hatred and division are how Negative Energy resides within us as individuals. If we feed this it thrives. If we can transcend this negative Energy our mission wins.

Our Mission is Peace, Unity and Joy for all humans

What is happening and what will happen in the upcoming election and the years after it are more related to the energy that you give to it. Give your energy to those that you dislike and they will thrive. Give your energy to that which brings you JOY and LOVE and it thrives


#EnergyMatters #VotesareWorthless

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