Your House = your mind. Clean or cluttered is your making

The mind manifests itself in everything we come in contact with. It's a direct reflection of what mirrors it, our minds are designed to be clear and flowing, for some it has been taken over by the Monkey. Learn how to give the monkey a job and help you rather than clutter and control you.

Learn how to declutter your house by decluttering your mind and vise versa. Giving the monkey mind daily chores so that it assists you rather than hindrance.

This leads to frustration, feeling heavy and slowed down. Being annoyed and irritable and just not functioning at your highest most comfortable level. Having a clean, organized and fluid living situation helps to keep your brain operating in a fluid, clean ,clear and organized manner. Making you feel lighter, fresher and happier. Giving you more energy and living in a much easier state of existence. Your life becomes easier.

Start to clean your mind from the clutter that it sees by clearing out the clutter in your home. Take some time ether in a bulk sitting or little by little, go through were you live and get rid of or organize your things. Create a less is more space that is cleared from excessive things. A clear path to and from each direction. Every direction or path is cleared and flowing, nothing blocking the flow. This gives the monkey mind less to deal with, putting it to sleep. Making life easier.

When you can control the scatter brain Monkey mind, calm it down and then learn how to give it a chore your life becomes better. Clearing yuor house helps gives the monkey less to create problems with. Less unnecessary thoughts. False thoughts that are based on illusions and fear based possibilites. Thoughts that can create anger, judegment, fear and dis-ease.

Learn how to get the money mind working for you rathern than against you. Little by little day by day, as each day becomes a little more fluid and comfy because of operating in a clear space; you can train the chatterbox monkey mind to help clean and defend against the thoughts that come into your mind that are negative. The monkey mind can then be trained to get rid of, flush out thoughts that are negative to you.

Once you have cleared your living space, you can rest a little easier.

Starting with the things that you can see in front of you. Stuff, things , Junk, possesions. Ask your self do I need this and can it just go away and my life would be easier? Go through all your stuff. Get rid of the junk you dont use and organize the stuff you need to keep. This helps to clear your mind and then your whole life becomes easier. Touch it, then feel if it creates a good feeling or a frustrated one, if it feels good keep it to organize if not donate or recycle or sell it.

Each day becomes easier, Meditation becomes easier. Use this chore as a moving meditation. Learn to meditate by going through your things and letting go if it or using it. The same thing happens when you meditate. Your processing thoughts. Either thank you that feels good or no you can go away. Your stuff is your thoughts manifested into reality. You can stae to clear your mind by clearing your living space.

Learn to keep them under control for a happier more comfortable life.

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