St. Germain - The Man - The Myth - The Legend

St. Germain The Ascended master. Embodiment of the 7th ray of Viloet light. Is and was a being of divine incarnation. Love, Universal Love, non attached Love. Love that transcends all boundaries. Love of everything equally with no bias or agenda behind it. Love is his message. Love yourself, love others, Love the Earth Love everything equally. Expand into the violet flame which is the Christ Consciousness. Think of love as in not human love that has attachment or desire behind it. Love that is free from any particular EGO based desire or attachment. Love that is. Love is what it is. Love is only Love. And Love is what is.

"Place the Violet Flame through your heart and then let go and know who you are."

"See Yourself" Know Yourself, through the practice of Consciousness Expansion and Raising Awareness and Vibration you awaken the Christ Consciousness "Universal Love" within. This is his message to you. Know who you are and recognize the divinity that lives within. Through inward direction and self realization. You become the divine being that you truly are. "I AM"

"This is My Message. This is the Desire of My Heart: that each of you exhibit the fullness of the Opportunity that is afforded you to become the Christed One, to walk in the Light of the Christ. And then take My Message and run with It. Collect together, do not put It, My Message, on the shelf, but put It on the altar and let It expand, and let the Fires of the Heart of your own God Presence bring into the fullness of your own life the Power, the Wisdom, and the Love of God, and all good things will come into your life. There will be a greater Abundance of Light than you will be able to keep in your members. You will be required to give It back to God in a figure eight flow, or to release It to others and to God in Life. You will not be able to contain It. And guess what? The more you give the more you will receive, until one day you will go spinning out of control right into the Ascension and you will not even know that you are there. It matters not where you are on the Path. It matters what you are doing on the Path. For there are victories and accomplishments each and every day that are joys to experience.

"Lighten the heart. Place a smile on your face and in your eyes, and know that you will truly be expressing the Smile and Twinkle of the Eye of your own God Presence right where you are in the physical. For that is the expression that exists at that Level of God Reality. (

He is a mutidimensional being capable of manifesting in many places and to many people. He has had several homes, and many incarnations throught history and many groups could call him as influential in there organizations. It is best to find the way that resonates with you and how his presence has an affect on you personally. Mt Shasta is said to hold a special place for those that feel the positive violet light that St. Germain embodies. It is the Anciant home of the Lemurian people and the Earth's root chakra center. St. Germain has a resonance with the mountain. It is the birthplace of the "I AM" movement

"The I AM Story" Mt Shasta

Through meditation and inward self realization. You can develop the violet flame within. By dissolving, Ego, Desire and attachment to worldly distractions the Christ Consciousness light of the Violet flame grows within. Practice the Vilolet light meditation below to train and develop the light within. Then share with others. Enjoy and be well in all you do.

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