Ionic Foot Detox Spa Easy Effective Detox

Feeling sluggish? Feeling drained? Feeling tired? Always looking for that next pick me up? Struggling to get through the day with ease and grace?

Most of the time these feelings are because of your system being toxic. Literally your swimming in your own shit. Blood, Lymph tissue, Joints, Liver, Kidneys, Large Intestine. Your full of shit, both literally and etherically. A Detox is needed.

How the Ionic detox spa works, a low voltage electrical current runs through you via the ionator in salt water. The Ionator generates both positive and negative ions. You need both to operate the other, ying must have yang. The negative ions are the ones that are beneficial to you and your body. Negative ions are found naturally in nature. The ocean especially because of the salt water and being the same frequency as the planet.

The ions run through your body up your feet and they work their magic attaching binding and removing toxins from the whole body. Each organ and tissue system can be detoxed, depending on how much gunk needs to be removed.

Ask 10 people about the use of them and you'll get 10 different answers. So its best to listen to your gut instincts and learn to feel how it can help you. Knowing, analysing and asking 1,000 questions will not replace the learning and feeling action needed for recieving the positive benefits of trying the use of one of these spas. So give it a feel and see if you are hip to its vibe and enjoy it.

If you are feeling really angry, uncomfortable, stiff and with chronic pain. One treatment will not be enough, like anything, diet, regular exercise or any healthy habit, it works if done consistently, get into a positive rhythm. 1-3 times can be beneficial but will depend on how much garbage you have floating in your system. And how much you detox the following 3 days afterwards.

There are 2 reasons that the color of the water changes. First is the waters reaction to the molecules and minerals in the water. The water will change color if run with no feet in it. The color for this depends on the minarals in the water. Iron makes the reddish hint.

As you can see in the pic taken with same water first without any feet the color changes because minerals in the water. The below pictures were taken with same water at same 5 minutes increments with someones feet in them. You can very noticebly see a difference in the color, transparency and consistency of the water. This is from the negative ions doing there magic bonding together pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, Yeast, Mold, Fungus and all the other bad things that are making you feel sick and "diseased"

The color and things in the water is very important to take notice of. Each color and consistency can tell you what was in your body and in most cases still in your body that needs to be regularly flushed out.

The chart will give you an idea of what needs to be taken better care of. Once you know what is backed up. Then you can do some research into diet and exercise that can help prevent that organ or tissue from getting full of toxins again.

Give it a try. Take notice of how you feel afterwards. You will be detoxing and eliminating for the next 3 days after the treatment. It is very important to remineralize. Drinking Himalayan Pink salts and taking a Sea minerals supplement will give you back the clean minerals that your body needs. The detox spa pulls all minerals from your body. So its very important to take some mineral supplements to replensih what was flushed out.

Drink lots of water the day before of and 3 days after more than usual to give the body its best chance to cleanse itself. Getting a lymphatic drainage massage or fluid flowing massage and going to sauna or steam room will maximize the benefits and give best results.

Enjoy and be well.

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