How to Continue Bernie Sanders Message of -Human Unity-

Politics are a waste of time and resources. They usually separate and divide us humans and create hostility to the opposition. This is the detrement to us as a collective whole. Unity is truly the only answer to a better world. Unity cannot and will never be possible by electing someone into political office. They are one person. That one person can have a powerful influence on the general population, but it is our collective consciousness that will bring unity to the planet. Martin Luther King's message was love and unity. Jesus message was love and unity, Krishana's message was love and unity. All religious icons messages were love and unity. We have since used them as dividing tools to create hatred and extreme division. Unity between all people living on this planet begins with one person. That person is you. You are the president. You are the elected official. You have the power to control and change your life. That is how it has been and how it will be. Unity, Love and Peace begin with you. You are a reflection of the world around yourself. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. A small piece of matter alive in a body at this moment. And only you have the ability to influence the world around yourself.

For those seeking an elected official as the influential catalyst to change in the world this is childish. Sadly this is an illusion based on false hopes and childlike desparation. Unity brings peace, unity brings happiness and togetherness.

Unity is only possible from within your own mind, your thoughts, emotions, feelings and consciousness are the only avenue for unity and peace. No official will bring this for you. You must create it within your own consciousness.

Love is found within, Love is created from inside your being. Love is unity and togetherness. This is only possible through introspection. Self love, self care and self unification brings unity to yourself then spreads to the outer world.

Finding the Peace, Love, Unity and togetherness that we seek from a candidate can only be found within.

Practicing Mindfulness and Consciousness expansion, can only be found through some sort of meditation. Walking, sitting, slow body movement help to expand and develop the Unity you seek.

Below is a video that can assist you into starting a regular Meditation practice for Unity. Be the change you desire in this world, throuhg accessing your highest self. Meditation is the tool. Meditation is the key. Meditation is the way.

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