How to Use Mercury Retrograde for your benefit

Mercury Retrograde Aug 30-Sep 22 2016

Mercury Retrograde is not a bad thing. Mercury Retrograde can be used for your benefit, be aware of what's causing different energy than normal. Mercury is closer to Earth than normal. This is that energy you can feel more intensely.

Mercury is the messenger planet, it deals with specifics. Data, stats, dates, addresses numbers, facts. Sending and receiving data. Sending and receiving information. The medium of exchange becomes faster and more powerful. The word Merchant comes from Mercury. Exchange, energetic, information or physical. The cosmic highway of information exchange becomes more flooded than usual, causing information and energy overload. Computers malfunction. Coordinates for directions get miss-typed and people can get lost at times.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of increased cosmic energy stemming from a planetary traffic jam so to speak. Mercury in its orbit around the sun comes closer to our Earth's orbit around the sun 3 times a year for about 3 weeks at a time. Your life still goes in during this energetic shift. Its just under a different planetary influence. Mercury's energy is to send you information. The message that Mercury has is................

Slow down. Take a few breaths. Take your time doings things. Re think, re evaluate, reconsider, reconstruct. Know during this 3 week period it's best to not rush things. Do not buy things on a whim, or impulsively. That is what Mercury retrograde can often do is cause impulsive decisions. Best to think things over before pulling the trigger so to speak. Chill out, think and then re think about everything you are doing. Try to lessen your work or activity load because this can cause making foolish decisions. Time to clean, time to organize time to Feng Shui. Time to think, ponder and plan. Take a chill session, and re evaluate everything before impulsively jumping into it.

Chill out and enjoy the ride. Time for some self exploration and self care.


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