Feng Shui for the Stove

In Feng Shui everything revolves around the 5 elements, Fire, Wood, Water, Earth and Metal. Everything has a elemental energy associated with it. Every room, most objects in that room all have significant elemental energy.

The stove is associated with the Fire element for obvious reasons. It transmutates and prepares our energy source i.e food into something the body can easily use for fuel. Each Element has a color associated with it. Take a guess what color the fire element is? Red, pretty obvious.

Red is needed to bring the fire element to your stove. If you use an electric stove the fire element is missing. Especially if your electric burner is black or grey commonly. Placing the color red on near or attached to the stove can help bring the fire element into your kitchen stove. Place Red Crystals, stones or Red anything helps bring in the Fire element to your Kitchen. Red Crystals are best.

Simple easy and effective give it a try and see how it gives your food more energy. Its very easy and can help create a more energetically harmonious relationship with your food. Enjoy and Be well.

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