what have we learned from 9-11 ........?

Emotions run high. Fear travels like wildfire in a swift wind. Anger, Rage, Hatred, and a heaping pile of fear lingers around like a pile of dung. Patriotism runs high, religious separation is rife with division and judgement. Ethnicity is more evident and hatred runs deep. Hatred runs very deep, when you bring in nationalism, ethnicity and religious differences. These are very powerful tools to fuel the fire.

What has that day done to our world? It has created allot of division, allot of distractions and allot of fear. We as a societal whole and planetary whole have been duped into allowing it to enter our minds bringing up the negative parts of ourselves that were buried deep within.

Question is what will you do with these negative thoughts and feelings? Will you let them take over? Fill your life with hatred of someone thats different than you? Will the fear take control? Its your choice, you can feed the hatred of the unknown "terrorists" or you can use it to fuel your energy into finding the real reason behind it. Which is an endless "war on terror" that can never be won.

Living in a higher realm of existence that does not know fear, free of judgement, and cleansed from hatred. You will be unshackled from the control that this 9-11 event was designed for. 9-11 was designed to make hatred, fear and judgement be prevelent and the norm in society. It has done a good job at that. But 15 years later we have begun to see through the "terror" that was designed to infiltrate our consciousness. We can now see that Love is taking over, love is winning. We can see through the veil of secrecy that lies behind the 9-11 tagline. And live free from the fear that it has brought to so many. This is a battle we each are fighting within our own minds. This is a battle of consciousness. Negative emotions create a ripple effect in the energy field that surrounds us. Negative emotions are like the poison apple. It looks like something we want but is to our detriment. It's a simple choice. Choose what feeds your positive consciousness and expands love throughout the energy field around you. Or choose the poison apple and suffer the dire consequences.

Choose Love, Love yourself, love the Earth, Love your fellow humans (this is much harder to do than Loving Earth and yourself). If you choose Love in everything you do, your life and the life of those around you will be bliss. The fruit of love has an expanding and never ending fulfillment that creates more of it. Choose the fruit of love.

There is a war going on in this 9-11 event. It is a spiritual war. A war for your soul. The good news is that you have complete control over it. No need to get a gun and hate anyone. All you need to do each day, is choose Love more than hatred. The tool to help you win this war of your soul is daily meditation. Physical walking in nature. Going to Yoga class, Meditation, Qi-gong, Painting or any other positive activity that creates love within yourself. This is what you can do each and every day to help win the "war on terror" by not not eating the poison fruit of hatred and fear.

Stay blessed and choose love in all you do. Namaste

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