Fall Equinox shift towards prioritization

The Yearly Shift is upon is, time to set things in order for the upcoming Energy shidt the Earth is taking part in. Each day gets less and less sunlight until the Winter Solstice. The weather starts getting cooler and everything on the planet slowly starts to shift. Plants are going into the final stage of flowering or growth until harvest in later fall. We humans also need to respond and act accordingly to the suns transformation in relationship to how much exposure we have to it.

In the next 3-6 months of waining sunlight, its best to get your priorities in order. What do you need? What is essential? What makes you happy and fulfilled? What is good for you and good for others?

we will have less Sunlight each day, use this time to slow down and ponder what is meaningful and impactful in your life. How to give your energy towards things that will see harvesting and bear fruit.

Time to Meditate, time to rethink, replan and reorganize. Your car, your house your work situation and your relationships. What is beneficial keep it, what is not high on the priority list needs to go.

#FallEquinoxSept222016 #ChangePriorities #FallEnergyShift

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