PHI = Number of Expanded Consciousness

Phi is the never ending number. It goes on into infinity, it is the mathmatical representation of consciousness. Our consciousness, what we are aware of what we can see and percieve with our physical and mental body's is only an incredibly small percentage of what we are capable of understanding.

Through Meditation we have access to diving into the cosmic ocean of expansion of our human sense ability. The Buddha, The Christ, Muhammad, Krishna all knew the infinite that lies beyond. They dove deep into there own conscious ability to see the divine bliss that can be seen by all.

They all had tremendous gifts and that is why they are the Dieties recognized. They all gave insight and instructions of how to dissolve past the negative emotions that create a hindrance towards expanding our Consciousness. Understanding who we truly are and how to live fully in our being, is what they were sent to this Earth to teach.

Understanding and being aware of what we do, what we think, what we say and how we act and react; is the biggest life lesson we need to master. Through daily meditation and mindfulness this becomes easier little by little day by day.

The Phi Golden ratio can give you a little scientific and mathmatical understanding of what consciousness is and how to expand it. Through understanding yourself and seeing who you truly are.

Meditate daily, be aware of your thoughts and emotions and become one with you. The infnite creator. Namaste. "E"

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