How to raise your Vibration

Feeling good and being happy is all that we are designed to do on this planet. Having fun, enjoying the company of others, sharing, giving and cooperating is how life is meant to be. Full of good times, good people, fun, feeling good and being happy. This really is why we are on Earth.

There are many things that have kept us from this blissful, peaceful state in which we live in at brief moments only, instead of on a constant and consistent basis. When we are in a state of not feeling good, not being happy, or feeling down. This can be from one of many in a long list of things that keep you feeling down. Feeling lowered, suppressed, regressed or controlled.

These are feelings of lower vibration, lower brainwave frequencies, lowered cellular communication, lowered endocrine system function, lower immune system operation. Lowering or decreasing your vibes, vibration or vibrational frequency is actually designed by beings of negativity and dark forces on this planet we live on, Earth. It is each and every one of us as individuals to take action and raise awareness as how to assist others in raising their vibration. We all have a part to take in raising every-ones vibration, so we can all raise our own. To feel good, be happy, enjoy good times and positive memorable experiences. Take part in the simple fact that feeling good, feels good. Its all that we are really suppose to do, is feel good and be happy.

Here is a simple list of things you can do to raise your vibration, increase your energy, feel better, look better, stay more positive, more youthful more sharing, caring and care free. Here are some vitals things you should know and action you can take to keep your vibration operating at a high rate.

1. Know that our modern world filled with Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Wireless Routers, Bluetooth, RFID chips and all other sources of electronic devices are lowering your vibration. They are creating a false attachment to reality destroying devices that are designed to separate you from the real world and create a false one through flashy lights, bells and whistles. This is all part of a mind control scheme to keep your vibration low enough to function but not high enough to truly feel good as you were designed to, on Earth.

2. The technology that operates all of these devices are running on an Extremely Low Frequency ELF system. All around us every day are these wireless signals that we cannot see. Many cannot feel but some can, and are causing a great deal of sickness and disease by lowering the vibration, through ELF waves coming from the Cell Towers and Wireless Routers.

3. Combining EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) waves from all the electronic devices we are engulfed and enslaved to. With the increase in Air, Water and Food pollution operated by our, outdated and destructive economic system. That is based on enslavement, totalitarian control and domination of a few over the masses. Putting more stress on competition and separation rather than cooperation and detachment. Is making it harder and harder for everyone of us to live in a happy high operating frequency. Here are a few things you can do each day to keep your Vibration functioning as high as possible and feel good more often.

1. Get some type of EMF protection. Wearing it on your body either as a pendant, bracelet or around your ankle helps block and protect against the ELF waves that are around you all day long. EMF PROTECTION PENDANTS EMF PROTECTION BRACELETS

2. In your home, office and car which are a large percentage of were many people are spending time near sources of ELF EMF waves. Get some type of protection device that blocks and protects against this pollution. One that stays in the location or you can carry it with you. EMF PROTECTION DEVICES-ORGONITE

3. Spend as much time as productively possible outside and away from your cellphone, computer and other wireless device. Take time each day to stop and smell the Roses. Nature is Real the money we are all chasing is just an illusion. Take time to connect with Earth its what will truly make you happy and raise your vibration.

4. Take time and some research into how to turn off the wireless router and cell phone when you don't need it. This can dramatically reduce your exposure to EMF pollution as well as lower your power bill. At night when you don't need your cell phone turn it off. When you're not using the wireless signal turn it off. Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off!!!

5. Exercise, exercise exercise. In your home, at the gym anyplace you can, get your blood flowing. If you're too tired to exercise after work or other duties you have. The best thing you can do is lay on the floor and relax. Not watching T.V on the floor. Simply laying on the floor like a snowman and do nothing. Its called Earthing. Getting connected to the vibration of the Earth a healthy and feel good vibration of 7.83 Hz.

6. Meditate, Meditation is the single best thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you. It clears the mind, gets rid of chronic fatique and pain in the body. Meditation allows the mind to dissolve all of the crap that is stored in it and your body. This will improve your memory, brain function, emotional well being and will make your life easier, more productive, less dramatic and complicated Guaranteed. Start either in a sitting or lying on the floor position start with just 15 minutes a day, twice a day at night or in the morning. Anytime you can is always positive and helpful. It will absolutely positively make your life better just by sitting or lying on the floor and detaching yourself from the T.V, Computer, Music and people. Try it and just go with it, it will increase your vibration and make everything in your life improve.

7. Detachment and letting go. Detach yourself from the things that are not serving you. Possessions, people, money, work, body image, your desires, your family, friends etc. If you can let go of and detach yourself from the things that are not assisting you in raising your vibration then you can be more free, more light, more elevated. You see, you will literally be vibrating at a higher frequency each cell in your body. Creating more health, more feel good vibes and more positive experiences.

8. Don't take life and yourself to seriously its not like your going to get out of it alive. Relax, chill out, take time to get away. Be a kid, kids have high frequencies because they haven't had the time to accumulate all the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that adults have. Let it go and don't care. If you can't control it let it go its does nothing but hurt you and lower your vibration.

9. Smile and laugh more. Learn to fake it until you make it if you can't laugh at the given moment.

10. Spend as much time outside in nature as possible. I am repeating this because it is very very important. We are living in a digitalized, computerized, wireless signal toxic time bomb and nature is the cure. Nature will cure all of it if you spend as much time as possible honoring and respecting it. Go outside and be free. And let the sun's rays and the Earth raise your vibration for free all day, always everyday.


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