Cutting Energetic Cords of Attachment=Your ticket to Freedom GUIDED MEDITATION

Energy exchange between humans is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Every interaction with other humans and animals has an energetic aspect to it. Most are unaware of it.

Energy sensative people, empaths and aware people usually have more of challenge in this department. Everytime your talking to or around people your exchanging energy. There are energetic cords that are exchanged between the people. What most are unaware of is your either are taking or giving to much. Causing one person to feel drained and the other energized.

Many people go to gatherings group classes concerts etc, because they are energy hungry. Usually you will think you enjoy Church or School or business meetings, because you enjoy the subject. But what you really enjoy is the energy you recieve from the group. Its like your charging your life force energy using people as your power source. This is not a healthy way to live.

You must learn to create and sustain your energy from within, then every interaction between other people and yourself is balanced, healthy and mutually beneficial.

You can learn to live freely and can learn to love yourself and find the love within that you seek in others. This truly is the purpose of your life.

"Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. "Buddha"

The following Guided meditation is designed to help free yourself from energetic cords of attachment that are draining you, or you are unknowingly draining others and causing them harm.

Meditate daily, Practice Yoga and work on your energy. For the betterment of you and everyone around you. "Namaste E"

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