How to thrive during solar flares and know what they are

Solar flares are explosions of charged particles, electro magnetic radiation from the sun. Energy builds up on the Suns surface and results in massive amounts of energy. The same amount of energy as millions of atomic bombs.

This eventually will reach us on earth at varying levels. This increase in solar electro magnetic radiation causes life on Earth to react in a powerful way.

Stress and violence increase, people get flusterd frantic and over reactive to situations. We are electrical energetic beings. Our Brains, Heart and nervous sytem run on an electrical current. With a dramatic increase in electro magnetic energy from a solar flare will cause people to feel stressed for no reason.

Chronic tension becomes unbearable. Stress becomes increbily tough to deal with. Pain in the body comes to the surface. Angers arises, like monkeys in the jungle. Birds and animals become visably aggitated. The radaition causes our systems to get overloaded with energy. That leads to all the chaos.

Here are a few things you can take notice of when solar flares are happening.

1. The weather will usually get hotter. Even in winter there will be large increase in temperature. Bright suny days can happen when usually not typical weather.

2. You will notice increased traffic, increased mass heard mentality. The heard migrates. Notice this happen and watch it happen from afar.

3. increses in shouting and verbal outlash. Physical fights will increase also.

Sadhguru briefly explains the common themes that happen to humans during these solar flares. How you use this energy is up to you. Solar flares will bring up what is hidden.

Daily meditation is the key to help you dvelop yourself into the human that you desire to see in the mirror.

Daily mediation will help you dissolve the insanity that lies within. Daily medaition will help you rid yourself of the neurosis that inflicts harm upon your consciousness. Daily physical Yogasana and mediation will hep you work out the excessive energy that will be ramped up because of the solar flares.

Practice because its beneficial. Practice because iit helps sooth the pain. Practice because it makes your life better. Practice practice practice. At home in the car or in a studio. This is how to survive and thrive during solar flares.

instead of reacting like a dumb animal. You will gain the ability to step back and observe yourself living in a calm manner. Harness this energy for productive purposes.


Once you know what is happening you can use this for your advanatage.

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