How to bless your water. Raise your vibration with your thoughts

Our thoughts create vibrational energetic patterns, vibrations. Thoughts literally can vibrate you into health or disaese. Dr Emoto did extensive research into how water can store and remember the frequency's that are put into it. Our thoughts create the frequency.

Placing your water in a container and thinking loving thoughts towards it creates a much more absorbale healthy water than water that came directly from the spout. Dr Emoto froze samples of clean water and pulluted water and the results are profound. He also did experiements on thoughts towards water and froze water to study the results. His results were amazing. Water can store, recieve and store the thoughts and energy around it.

Thinking positive loving thoughts towards your water and keeping it in a copper Brass or glass container for 2-8 hours before drinking can dramtically improve the vibration of your electramagnetic energy field.

Enjoy and be well Namaste "E"

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