UFO's flying in and out of Mt. SHASTA

Mt Shasta is a magical place filled with much folklore and Mysticism. It is said to be the Sacred Mountain in Lemurian Culture and many UFOS have been seen coming in an out of the Mt.

You can obviously see the white streaking object on the right side of the picture. Flying towards Mt. Shasta. Could it be an inner Earth Flying vessel coming home?

I had to investigate it myself and see if it was real. When I went there I felt a very powerful energy and could hear a radiating sound around the place the Cymatics were very real and powerful.

I didnt see any UFO's that were obvious in plain sight. But after looking over photos taken of the sacred Mountain. I saw these 2 photos with small objects flying around the Mountain.

This pic you can see the Object flying directly above the Mt with an increased energy fieldd around it. Cannot say with any scientific evidence that this is absoltute. But I definetly noticed it when looking throug the pics for the 3rd time.

Take from it what you will and Love yourself and others with unconditional acceptance. Love is everythign that you need. Love without attachment. Love without fear of loss. Love with no agenda. Only LOVE. Love for everything and everyone unconditionally. This is the Masseage the Mt gave me.



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