How to Handle Stress...Know the Geomagnetic index

We all have times when stress seems to magnify itself for no reason. You might just feel more pressure on your shoulders. You might get more frequent headaches and feel angry or heavy for some reason. You might say I feel "stressed" and i dont know why?

Often if there is no obvious reason for stressed induced feeling of annoyance or discomfort, there is the unseen factors that affect you and us humans on a very larger integlactic and planetary scale. Its called "geomagnetic storms".

Geomagnetic storms come from burts from the sun and other electrically charged stars and planets in the solar system. They send out Electromagnetic frequencies or radio waves or "Energy". The Earth has a shield that protects us from the catastrophic surge of electrmagnetic radiotion coming from the solar system. It cannot stop all of it, so we have to deal with the surges in energy.

Here are 3 things you can do to help deal with it.

1. Know what is going on with the Geamagnetic index. You can track it just like paying attention to the weather. The Higher the K index means more electromagnetic radition. If you know what is coming you can be aware of how to deal with it. Monitor it Here NOAA SPACE WEATHER PREDICTION CENTER

2. Drink lots of water and add Iodine to it. Iodine helps to neautralize radition and bonds to it that makes it easier to eliminate it through sweat and Bathroom visits.

3. Practice some type of letting go self healing reflection activity; that allows you to sweat and train your brain to get rid of toxins. Yoga, Qi-gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Walking Running, Biking Hiking.

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