Ahimsa= being in love with life

"in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain tradition) the principle of nonviolence toward all living things"

This can be interpretred as many things to justify ones actions. But in reality it means refraining from having non violence in your thoughts, which make it impossible to have it in your body. Being a vegatarian or vegan has little importance to this viewpoint.

to truly be living in Ahimsa we need to be living in a non violent brainwave state. Thinking of love in all situtations. Love in non attached non desirebale love, towards all beings. No matter what state they are in.

Being able to see violence and not let it enter into your brainwave state is a challenge. Seeing abuse or hate even in just words can affect us in negative ways. Living ahimsa really is one of the most challenging things if we are viewing it from the inside out.

Seeing love and veiwing things in love even though there is none at the moment, in another person is a challenge. But it is a good challenge to take apart in, each day. Even if we succumb into and allow the negative thought waves into our being. As long as at the end of the day you take time to decompress and expell it from your being. You are living Ahimsa

This is our challenge as loving humans. To live in the Ahimsa from our thoughts outward.

The following music can help release negative thoughts and cultivate ahimsa loving thoughts into your brainwave state. Its a daily practice start with what you can and expand from there.


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