Pyramid Power ---Photons---

Pyramids are like attenas for photons. Photons are light particles that disregarded by the mianstream scientific and academic world. Photons are massless chargless particles of electromagnetic wavelengths. They are what can heal you when you are sick and increase your vital life force energy "Qi" "Prana" "Energy".

This is a picture of a houseplant that was distressed left to close to bright sunlight and not watered for a over a week. The picture was taken at night directly after the plant was placed inside the Pyramid and first thing in the morning. No water was added to the plant.

One night is all it took and the plant had its vitality back.

The very important part of pyramid energy is its alignment.


When the Pyramid is out of alignment it can have a damaging effect on anything inside it or close to it.

Pyramids can help get into a meditative state faster and help speed up your Karmic cycle. Which can be good but also if you are not doing your sadhana or "Spiritual work"; Cutting cords, cleansing negative energy and working on your inner self. It can cause you to go through some rough patches.

Tough times usually lead to better futures as long as you do not dwell on them and get stuck in them. Everyone must look in the mirror and face the shit that looks back at them. Get past it. Get over yourself. Cut the Bullshit.

Pyramids used for energy transmuting, turning negative into positive and help your meditation and sadhana practice. Pyramids can have profound results.

Things that have transpired while having pyramids around are. Negative people leaving, Changes in mood and behaviour of those around it. The negative ones cannot live around the positive energy.

Proceed with caution. This is real and its powerful. But more than likely it will cause you to deal with your negative issues faster and force you to get rid of them.

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