The Temple is within

You create the temple within yourself. The Temple is always with you. Everyday all the time. No need for special dress, ceremony or offering. Your offering is your intention. Seek the god within to kill the Devil within. Sadhana is the process.

No Guru. Only You. No Spiritual Master, its only you. Doing Sadhana, Your personal self creation in happiness; whateverthat may be. Meditation, yoga or

Qi-gong. Practice the Technology of Yoga to empower the good within and kill the bad.

It's you that must do it, no need for a master, you are the master. No Need for a Statue, ceremony or ritual.

Everyday its a process of self work or "Sadhana" Practice because it will improve your life.

#Sadhana #meditation #transformation

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Orgonite Creates Positive Healing Energy

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